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Karen O'Hara - RAD RTS, ISTD DDE

Terms & Conditions

East Coast School of Ballet

Terms & Conditions

Fees, deposits and refunds

1.      A fee is charged for each student enrolled per term.

2.      Students are expected to attend all classes.

3.      Fees will only be pro rata when a student starts during a term.

4.      Refunds will not be given for non-attendance.

5.      A registration fee, usually €10, is due at the beginning of the dance year (September) or if a student starts class throughout the year. This is an administrative fee to help cover paper processing, dance insurance, music license fees and communication costs for the dance year.


6.      Payments must be settled prior to or on the first week of a new term; or prior to starting classes following confirmation

7.      Payment can be made: 7.1 By bank transfer (ask teacher for details) 7.2 in person with fees in an envelope clearly marked with students name and class and handed into class teacher or to the person receiving fees in at the beginning of term.

Register, attendance and absence

8.      A register for each class is maintained by the teacher and records student attendance for the purpose of health and safety and security. These records may also be used for assessing students entry for RAD examinations

Late payment

9.      The payer will receive both verbal and written notice if payment has not been received in accordance with these terms and conditions.

10.   East Coast School of Ballet reserves the right to charge a late payment fee if fee remains unpaid after the first class of a new term.

11.   If a fee has not been paid at the start of term or upon enrolment, the student will not be admitted to class until the fee has been paid in full.

12.   East Coast School of Ballet reserves the right at any time during the term to withdraw a students registration to the school if fees remain unpaid.

13.   Students are required to give one months notice if they wish to withdraw from class.

14.   If a student wishes to change class or start and additional class, the parent/guardian must give their consent in writing to the principal so that they can be invoiced for the additional or new class.


15.   Where two or more siblings attend class, the youngest sibling will receive a sibling discount on all classes. The discount will commence at the start of the next term providing at least two siblings are still present.

16.   There are discounted rates for students who attend more than one class per week.


17.   Physical contact may be necessary by members of the teaching faculty. If you have any concerns regards this matter please contact the principal.

Code of Conduct

18.   A code of conduct is available below, or can be emailed upon request. Failure to observe the code of conduct may result in students being asked to leave. East Coast School of Ballet reserves the right to refuse any student prior to or after enrolment. No refund will be given is the code of conduct has been invoked.


19.   East Coast School of Ballet reserves the right to alter the advertised programme and faculty without prior notice. The information in this and any other printed or electronic brochure/notice was correct at the time of printing or publication on-line.

Weather Warnings

20. East Coast School of Ballet classes will not run during a ‘Red Warning’ issued by the government. Students can make up these missed classes by attending their level of ballet on a different day. If we do not offer an alternative for the same levels we will make these missed classes up at a later date.

Data Protection

21.   East Coast School of Ballet holds information about our customers to enable us to carry out our business as a dance training organisation. This information includes the contact details you supply to us and may also include information on examinations, classes and any student records.

22.   East Coast School of Ballet will not disclose your information to third parties except where the law allows or requires or where you have given your permission to do so.

Changes to terms and conditions

23.   East Coast School of Ballet reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time providing on months’ notice is given to students. Agreement to the terms and conditions.

24.   Parents and guardians of students attending classes are required to sign their acceptance of the terms and conditions for each student related to or their responsibility by signing the confirmation upon enrolment. East Coast School of Ballet accepts electronic signatures as f signed in the original.


Code of Conduct for all students, parents and guardians at East Coast School of Ballet

Expectations in respect of pupils admitted to East Coast School of Ballet

The aim of East Coast School of Ballet is to provide high quality teaching with a professional approach at all times. We wish to provide fun, friendly and safe dance practice. In order to achieve this, please take note of the following guidelines. We would like to stress that these points are of great importance in assuring the wellbeing of all students in the school. any student unable or unwilling to profit from the education provided at the school may be asked to withdraw from the school after reasonable notice.


For insurance and safety purposes all students must be registered in advance of classes. East Coast School of Ballet can only take responsibility for enrolled students during class time.


It is vital that students arrive in good time for their class. If students are late for their class they may miss vital information and will impede the learning of others and place themselves at risk of injury should they miss the warm up section of the class.


Regular attendance is extremely important. If students do not attend on a regular basis then the development of the class and the individual student will be affected. Exam students will be monitored as they prepare for their examinations and assessments and students who fail to attend classes and additional lessons may be withdrawn. If you wish to attend an alternative class please contact the principal for registration to that class.


Students are expected to behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way and to show respect to their teacher when attending East Coast School of Ballet. Students should also show respect to other students in their class. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in withdrawal from East Coast School of Ballet.


It is extremely important that students come to class dressed in their full uniform in order to be able to work correctly and safely in class and present a neat and elegant appearance. We ask that all students make a concerted effort to come to class with a ballet bun or a headband for shorter hair.


Entries for RAD and ISTD examinations are at the discretion of East Coast School of Ballet

Drop off/Collection

Parents/guardians are asked to drop students to class in enough time for student to begin class at the starting time. Students must be collected promptly at the end of class. Teachers are only responsible for students when a parent/guardian is not present.

Personal property

Students are asked to keep valuable personal items with them all at times. East Coast School of Ballet regrets that we cannot be held responsible if items go missing.

Remuneration and fees

As per the terms and conditions, fees must be paid before or at the students first class of each term.

Data protection policy

East Coast School of Ballet staff members are not at liberty to enter into conversation with or disclose any information to parents relating to other students. Students information is confidential and retained in accordance with the East Coast School of Ballet Data Protection Policy.

Visual and Social media

East Coast School of Ballet does not publish or post any images (static or moving) of children under the age of 18, across any of its online channels without prior written consent, and publishes minimal personal information alongside images.

Health and Safety

*if students hurt themselves in class or feel unwell they should tell their teacher immediately.

*East Coast School of Ballet is a workplace and respect must be given to all staff. There must be no running or shouting during class or outside the halls/premises.

*no smoking is permitted in any of the class locations or their grounds.

*Fire regulation: if the fire alarm sounds, students must make their way immediately to the nearest available fire exit and role call will be taken

*parents/guardians are asked to drive with care when dropping off and collecting children


Read more on our School Policies here.

Principal – East Coast School of Ballet: Karen O’Hara RAD RTS, ISTD DDE


Contact information: mobile 0877553929                              email eastcoastballet@gmail.com